This page will give a brief outline on information which is relevant to your deployment in country.

  • We ask for a minimum of 3 month deployment.
  • WE do not pay for your travel to Kurdistan; however you are free to raise funds for your deployment.
  • You are provided with food and accommodation.
  • Weapons and ammunition are allocated, we currently use either AK-47, German G3 or G-36 so please familiarise yourself with the following weapons.
  • You will need $200 a month for personnel expenses.
  • Buying food in the local areas is extremely cheap costing around $1-$1.50 for a kebab of beef or chicken with all the extras.
  • Bottled water is provided within the barracks.


When we are providing training we run the course to the following timetable:

At the moment our program works over a 5 day period from Sunday - Thursday on Friday we usually return to one of the cities where a hotel is arranged, wash clothing, get good food and relax before starting the new week again on Sunday.

Each week we train roughly 30 soldiers who are broken down into smaller groups of 10.

Day 1 and 2: Classroom based.

Day 3 and 4: Cover practical drills of treatment, patrolling, extraction under fire and reaction to effective enemy fire.

Day 5: Course testing day, course photos and course graduation.


When we aren't providing training we are patrolling, conducting medical checks and providing offensive support to the Peshmerga, we operate relatively unrestricted due to the nature of our group and the clearances we have gained and as is to be expected this is an armed role in an active war zone which is why we ask for our volunteers to have the training from their respective militaries.

You should get all ideas out of your head prior to a deployment that you will fight 100% of the time as this is  not the case.  Now that fighting has quietened down with ISIS our effort changes with the needs of the country, counter terrorism will be our main focus for the immediate future as we see attacks by splinter groups to happen on a more frequent basis.