We are now back live with our webpage and will be using this to provide information on our works.

We are in the early stages of development along with the Ministry of Peshmerga and the Kurdistan Regional Government on a new project which will better equip the Peshmerga for dealing with the new threats they will face within the region,

Please keep checking for updates on this project as we will reveal all if it is accepted.

We are currently building teams for our next deployment in the new year, these consist of veterans with previous combat tours which will deploy direct to country and veterans without combat tours who will be attending pre-deployment training and then deploy to country.  Should you be interested in a position as a volunteer please email hr@intlpv.org or message via the Facebook page for further information.

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An IPV teaser trailer...

We have wanted to make a video for sometime, you have the people who say we don't operate on the front and don't actually do anything, those people are wrong. As the videos and pictures show on our Facebook page we are an extremely active group. 


To begin with we were not as public about the work we do but the nature of the beast seems to be that we must now come out of the shadows slightly and show more of the work these volunteer veterans are doing.

As always if you can support us then please do, simply by following this link www.paypal.me/intlpv you can make your chosen donation amount direct to the cause.

Thank you

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Telegraph Interview.

Read from some of the volunteers currently deployed with IPV and a more personal piece with one of the founders of International Peshmerga Volunteers.  Please click on the picture to follow the story.

I know that, whether I save the life of one little girl or kill one fighter, then coming here has been worthwhile.
— Ben (Founder of International Peshmerga Volunteers)

The team.

We have had a busy time which has led to the lack of updates here on the IPV page, the guys are doing great on the ground and have found a more permanent location for our long term goals of being involved with the future offensives which will be coming up.

We have now finished the medical training of over 300 Peshmerga soldiers and also provided a short hostile environment training package for them which we hope to continue running more courses like this for our colleagues.

We have been involved very recently in a number of attacks including Telskuf and more recently Aski Mosul and sustained a number of casualties to both of the units we work with.  Telskuf also saw the death of the Navy Seal Charles Keating IV who we had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions across the country and we were sad to learn of his passing that day.

The team have also provided front line medical care to over 180 Peshmerga, ranging from small infections to severe conditions which if left untreated would result in death, we have had in total 12 KIA from the units we are involved with which has been hard to take but we have also caused a large blow to Daesh, no matter how many they send; we will repel them!


Upcoming deployment

With the month of February coming to a close, we draw closer to our next deployment to provide training and mentoring services to the Peshmerga forces in Iraqi Kurditsan.

Our main location is on the most active frontline in the region covering both the North and South sides of Mosul and working only 300 meters away from Deash positions, as well as this location we also provide support on the Hawija front and have main training Headquarters located in the capital; Erbil.

Let us not put you under any illusions, we still require much help from people back home who otherwise can’t deploy, now if you sit there day after day seeing the terrible new and the events which unfold on a daily basis and want to do something about it, we can tell you that that is what we are here to do.

We can work with you to either use your funding directly for providing much needed medical assistance or if you want to sponsor a volunteer or our group as a whole we will be able to provide better weapon systems, scopes and ammunition to take the fight directly to the evil currently active in the region, the group is made up from veterans from around the world, all uniting to defeat a common enemy in ISIS/IL.

Thank you for your continued support now please if you can click on this link and donate paypal.me/intlpv



We would like to send a big thank you to a number of people today, firstly to the Order of St George in conjunction with Emergency Medical Resources for large donation received today which contained 43 Lbs of the following items: 200 x Emergency trauma shears, 17 x Cinch Tight field compression bandages, 46 x Combat dressing bandage, hasty tourniquet, emergency sling.

Please see below thier pages by clicking on the relevant image.

Many thanks for your donation and if anyone else would like to contribute with items or financially please get in touch or donate via PayPal to pvolunteerinfo@gmail.com

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