The team.

We have had a busy time which has led to the lack of updates here on the IPV page, the guys are doing great on the ground and have found a more permanent location for our long term goals of being involved with the future offensives which will be coming up.

We have now finished the medical training of over 300 Peshmerga soldiers and also provided a short hostile environment training package for them which we hope to continue running more courses like this for our colleagues.

We have been involved very recently in a number of attacks including Telskuf and more recently Aski Mosul and sustained a number of casualties to both of the units we work with.  Telskuf also saw the death of the Navy Seal Charles Keating IV who we had the pleasure of meeting on a few occasions across the country and we were sad to learn of his passing that day.

The team have also provided front line medical care to over 180 Peshmerga, ranging from small infections to severe conditions which if left untreated would result in death, we have had in total 12 KIA from the units we are involved with which has been hard to take but we have also caused a large blow to Daesh, no matter how many they send; we will repel them!