international peshmerga volunteers

An IPV teaser trailer...

We have wanted to make a video for sometime, you have the people who say we don't operate on the front and don't actually do anything, those people are wrong. As the videos and pictures show on our Facebook page we are an extremely active group. 


To begin with we were not as public about the work we do but the nature of the beast seems to be that we must now come out of the shadows slightly and show more of the work these volunteer veterans are doing.

As always if you can support us then please do, simply by following this link you can make your chosen donation amount direct to the cause.

Thank you

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Telegraph Interview.

Read from some of the volunteers currently deployed with IPV and a more personal piece with one of the founders of International Peshmerga Volunteers.  Please click on the picture to follow the story.

I know that, whether I save the life of one little girl or kill one fighter, then coming here has been worthwhile.
— Ben (Founder of International Peshmerga Volunteers)